Freud Fusion General Purpose Blade P410

Freud Fusion General Purpose Blade P410

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The Most Technologically Advanced Blade On The Market!

The Fusion tooth design fuses Freud’s 30° Hi-ATB tooth with Freud’s unique double side grind tooth geometry. The design provides a glass smooth side finish while also giving a flawless top & bottom finish in veneered plywood, hardwoods, and melamine.

One Blade Does It All—Crosscuts & Rips
Freud engineers have discovered the ultimate combination of fused tooth grind geometry, blade body rigidity, precise tensioning, a special carbide blend and superior carbide brazing, non-stick Perma-SHIELD® coating and high performance anti-vibration – all working together in concert to provide the ultimate cut. One blade does it all. Whether you’re ripping or crosscutting, a Premier Fusion blade will tackle any project.

Combination of unique design and special polymer filler reduces vibration above and beyond any other blade resulting in superior performance.

Item # Coating
Dia. Teeth Arbor Kerf(K) Plate(P)
P410 Perma-SHIELD®
10" 40 Hi-ATB 5/8" .126 .098

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