Knife Scales - Blue Hawaii Knife Scales - 0.35 x 1.5 x 5 - 2 pieces

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Blue Hawaii Knife Scales Acrylic Acetate

Blue Hawaii Knife Scales

Blue Hawaii is a single-color knife scale. The rich pearlescent blue has a mesh ribbon embedded in the blank. One side of this mesh is white, and one side is black. The side you choose to face out will determine if the blank is a little bit lighter (white) or darker (black).

Dimensions: 0.35" thick x 1.5" square x 5" - 2 pieces          Dimensions can vary.
Thickness is generally from 0.32-0.38".
Material: Acrylic Acetate
Base Color(s): Blue
Base Fill Type: Pearlescent
Ribbon Color(s): Black/White Mesh
Style: Mesh
Transparency: Medium-Low

The pictures cannot capture the depth and character of the true color or the pearlescence (if any) of the swirl.

Made of high impact Acrylic Acetate that shapes and polishes easily.

You get 2 scales thus you have the choice of which side to put up or down.

Approx Measurement: 5" long x 1 1/2" wide x .35" thick 

 Dimensions can vary. Thickness is generally 


Shown finished with the thin top layer sanded off. Top blank is unsanded and bottom sanded.

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