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Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.
Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.

Jimmy Clewes Synthetic Sand

SKU 9057
Color: Aqua Turquoise
                                                    Jimmy Clewes

                    Synthetic Sand





* No silica to dull tools
* Sands Easily
* Can be applied using CA, Epoxy, Heat Gun or mixed with a solvent based finish.


This Synthetic Sand will aid in finishing your pen turning by filling in the areas that are blown or knots that need to be filled to give that complete finished look. It can also be used in filling voids in any turning and making that area a focal point of the piece rather than a distraction. If mixed with epoxy or a lacquer and made into a past it used and used as a gain filler.

We recommend mixing with epoxy and spreading into the void or place Thick CA in first and then packing in powder and finally top with Thin CA. Be sure to leave Sand slightly above level so you can turn or sand it flush with finished surface.

These items have Unlimited Shelf Life if stored properly. Keep dry and lid closed.  

These products DO NOT contain "Hazardous" materials

1 ounce jars 

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First Mate & Synthetic Sand

Application Guide for Synthetic Sand, Metallic & Glow Powders

New Colors:

                      Neon Green 



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